So Ciaran Clark, local youth advocate and general Santa Fe snowboarder-turned-roustabout threw down the best video pitch for the most entrpreneurial use of $200 back at our February mix in the Old Club Luna space.

So we gave him a check.

Him and his crew Tobe and Mike really nailed the followup and deliverables. By the the next MIX (MIXOLOGY), they showed up with a handful of tight Santa-tastic designs with more on the way. That night they set up shop in the lobby of the St. Francis and sold every shirt except the ones off their backs.

That’s what we call Microstimulus…

The big plan? Ciaran, Tobe and Mike (all part of the crack squad over at YouthWorks) hope to build this project into an ongoing program with local teens sourcing designs to create their own estilo.

Made by MIX | May 8th 2010

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