What is MIX on a practical level?

MIX is an organization working to engage people with their community. We host designed-not-to-suck networking events. Instead of following the standard meet ‘n’ greet model with the obligatory exchange of business cards, we work to create exciting events at emerging or underexposed venues that highlight local talent: restaurants, DJs, photographers, graphic designers and more. At every event, MIX will trade you a free drink in exchange for filling out a short survey. This creates the opportunity for people in the community to identify obstacles, challenges and opportunities related to business success, economic development and general community welfare and quality of life. MIX participants work together to crowdsource solutions and innovative implementation strategies to move forward with mutual benefit. Important connections, enduring relationships, professional opportunities and progressive business evolutions are the natural byproduct. People and projects are the core of the MIX community.

Who are MIX events for?

Everyone is welcome at MIX and events are always free. MIX is an important event for talented community members looking for work, peers and opportunities. MIX is an ideal recruitment platform for established businesses and start-ups discreetly searching for key personnel. MIX is a great tool for community-minded individuals to make contacts and locate avenues of engagement across a spectrum of interests. MIX is the best resource for new Santa Feans and engaged visitors to get a sense of what’s happening here, why it’s happening and how to get involved. MIX offers the ideal platform for developing ideas, market testing, starting projects and accessing creative/entrepreneurial potential of our community.

How do I get involved?

Show up to the next event, they happen the third Thursday in March, May, July, September and November.

Sign up for our monthly newsletter.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We encourage folks to come and promote their work, but we don’t like tables, so think of exciting and different ways to pimp your wares.

We are also always on the lookout for:

  • event sponsors
  • exciting new venues that can host 300+ people
  • chefs, food trucks and restaurants willing to donate a little food for a lot of exposure
  • DJs, photographers and graphic designers who want a small stipend and big exposure for their work
  • area businesses who want to support our data collection by buying a round of drinks
  • other exciting elements we can incorporate into an event

Contact us to get involved.

What are MIX events?

MIX is a professional networking meeting. Everyone is welcome, but there’s a frequent emphasis on young professionals and how to retain, recognize and develop talent within the community. MIX events are organized to showcase local talent and resources: Events are hosted by sponsor venues, food providers, licensed beverage dispensers, local DJs and bands, regional publications and media outlets and a host of businesses, organizations and institutions with a stake in improving quality of life and equitable economic opportunity in Santa Fe. Every MIX sponsor, venue and participant becomes a recognized and publicized member of the MIX community.

I don’t live in Santa Fe or New Mexico. How can I start something like MIX in my own community?

How can you not? All it takes is a little gumption and a small group of dedicated volunteers. However, in the spirit of making things easier and developing a national and international network of like-minded citizens dedicated to creating economic and personal opportunities in synergy with healthy communities and smart planning, drop us a message

What is bizMIX?

BizMIX is our startup business plan competition, really a pitch-based accelerator for entrepreneurs to develop their ideas, meet mentors and experts and build a customer base in the community. Launched in 2011, bizMIX is a platform to strengthen and launch businesses in the community through three mentor nights, two large-scale pitch contests, expert coaching and a written and oral submission and judging of the final business plan. We have an incredible track record with a large majority of our winners still in business in Santa Fe and bizMIX graduates employing more than 70 people. One significant outcome we didn’t predict is the reinvigoration of many of our mentors. As one put it, “you made me remember why I was passionate about my business in the first place.”

It all starts with a low-bar application from pre-revenue businesses in the spring. From these we select 10 or so finalists to participate in three months of coaching and mentorship from local business and entrepreneurial leaders who help them refine their business plan and hone their pitch. We raise cash and in-kind prizes from the community and, at the end, competitors present their final business plans to a panel of local judges who award over $50,000 in cash and prizes to help move forward the best businesses and those that fill gaps in the community.

Past rock star participants include Awesome Harvest, Paper Dosa, Shehan Fine Knives, Cheesemonger’s of Santa Fe, Squash Blossom, sKratch, just to name a few.