Whether you’re on auteur, a voyeur, a flaneur, a saboteur, an entrepreneur, a provocateur or all of the above, you’re going to want to vamp your way over to Vital Spaces for May’s magnificent VitalMIX.

Vital Spaces is putting some vigor into upping the volume of Santa Fe’s vaunted art volcano and you gotta see it to believe it. Artist studios? Check. A panoply of pop-up possibilities? Oh yeah.

Any valid vehicle will get you there, but bicycles are best because it’s Santa Fe Bike Week and bikes are better, faster, better, cleaner, better, funner and because bike parking is right up front. Plus, the Bike Week crew will be on hand AND will hand out a hefty supply of FREE HELMETS to the velotastic among us.

You’ll want to come without a car in any case, just ‘cause you will probably need to drive home the vintage and voluptuous El Camino that you WIN in the Homewise raffle. That’s the kinda funky truck-car people write songs about, vaquero.

Bask in the idea of loading your bikes into the back of your bangin’ new jalopy while you bend your brain around the delicately boozy buffet of custom cocktails proffered by the pour poets of the Jean Cocteau. The city’s slickest movie mixologists are sponsoring no-cost cocktails for those who fill out our survey: https://mixsantafe.com/survey/

Test drive your phone in a Koala, from local startup HANGTIME—it’ll allow you to drop your gear without fear so you can wrap all your fingers around beautiful bites and bits baked up by Backroad Pizza and learn all about how Backroad is going bowling.

All this while Audiobuddha vibrates your brain into a voluptuous and velvety vetter of 2019s bizMIX startup class? I’m in.

This month’s design courtesy of aVisualCompany

Photography by JC Ramirez

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