Twelve teams began their journeys in the 2019 bizMIX last March, participating in three mentor nights, two pitch competitions, business plan preparation and a final presentation before a panel of judges. All the teams completed the accelerator and were honored in an awards ceremony on Sept. 19 at Reunity Resources that included remarks from City of Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber, Homewise Executive Director Mike Loftin and Hope Wade, COO of CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center, this year’s bizMIX title sponsor.
Through the support of this year’s sponsors, the bizMIX finalists received approximately $24,000 worth of cash and in-kind prizes. Here is what everyone took home:

, home-made healthy treats for dogs and cats
Prize: $3,500 and a Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce membership

SIGRID MABEL, founder of FRAGO, an app to help military members and their families enter and navigate the gig economy
Prize: $3,500

SARAH OTTO-COMBS, founder of SIDDHA LABS, Āyurvedic herbs and adaptogens for radiant wellness
Prize: $1,500

ANDREA ABEDI AND RACHEL ROODE, founders of DRAGONSTONE KITCHEN, a community-based commercial kitchen.
Prize: $1,500

AARON HARRINGTON, founder of the Museum of Interactive Art, an experiential, hands-on museum
Prizes: a $2,000 radio advertising package from Hutton Broadcasting, a Santa Fe Reporter banner digital advertising package and a MAKE Santa Fe three-month membership

NICK PELTON, founder of MOTHERBRAIN LED, an online service that allows both businesses and individuals to run virtually every aspect of their garden from anywhere in the world with their phone.
Prize: a Santa Fe Business Incubator affiliate client membership and a Santa Fe Reporter digital banner advertising package

HOLLY BECK, founder of (Un)Bound, an international sexual literary resort and erotic tourist destination
Prize: A $3,000 consulting package with Jon Mertz, CEO of Activate World

BEV WINTERS and TODD McCOY, founders of THE CHUMMY FACTORY, chile-infused gummies
Prize: A $2,000 package of services from Santa Fe IP and a Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce membership

HANNAH LEVBARG, founder of LIBERTY GOURMAND, a vegan restaurant and brand promoting healthy plant-based eating
Prize: • a Santa Fe Reporter digital banner advertising package , one-hour consultation with Simply Social New Mexico and a Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce membership

CIA THORNE, founder of MELT, creating an entertainment and educational facility for artists, educators and students to learn how to melt and blow glass.
Prize: A consultation with Simply Social Media to help spread the word about this wonderful new business.

MICHAEL DAVIS, founder of MEREK SECURITY SOLUTIONS LLC, creating new  solutions for today’s security and data needs.
Prize: An affiliate membership with the Santa Fe Business Incubator

NATE DOWNEY, FOUNDER OF LETTUCE ETC., creating a direct to consumer model for sustainable lettuce and greens grown aquaponically
Prize: A $1,500 radio advertising package from Hutton Broadcasting, and a three month membership to MAKE Santa Fe

bizMIX News | September 20th 2019

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