How would you market Santa Fe as a place to live and work?

Develop a marketing plan with complete creative samples to target young professionals to live and work in Santa Fe.

Be creative and look to partner with others to create your entry.

Push beyond what’s expected from the last 100 years of marketing in Santa Fe and create something that reflects the Santa Fe you want to live in.


-Maximum 2 page written marketing plan

-Print ad: One magazine-style full page or several size variations

-30 second TV spot



-Guerilla marketing concept, promotional item or idea

-Submit your plan to MIX by MAY 7. Entries will be judged by all MIXers at the May 20 MIX event. Submit via email or make other arrangements via email.

Questions? Ask them below by commenting, showing up at the April 15 MIX event, emailing us, or asking on the MIX Facebook page

Made by MIX | March 22nd 2010

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