It’s the end of MIX as we know it and we feel fine. 

As good ‘ol Ben Franklin said, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” 

And we ain’t done yet. Therefore, some things have gotta shift.

So seize a slice of Santa Fe’s most nimble networking and scintillating socializing among passionate professionals this penultimate month of the year with the ultimate MIX.

That’s right, SITE Santa Fe is set to host a swanky soiree to celebrate the freshest finale of your lives.

Race to the Railyard with us on this Third Thursday to put a crown on precisely ten years of community throw downs.

Be beguiled by your private parade through the Bel Canto exhibition in which contemporary artists explore opera. You’ll be serenaded live by Young Voices of the Santa Fe Opera as you gawk at the galleries, courtesy of Santa Fe Innovates.

DJ Yon will don his headphones and hand your asses the harmonic hedonism fer which you been hankering.

Antipasti and cicchetti will be proffered pro bono from the always primo Il Piatto Italian Farmhouse Kitchen to crank up your culinary cravings.

Santa Fe Spirits will be fueling the Jean Cocteau Cinema Bar, where the always incredible staff will serve up Sagebrush Mules and whip out Winter Roses and other cocktail concoctions. As always, sort out our survey ( ) and your first sipping session is free, again thanks to Santa Fe Spirits. 

Santa Fe’s smokiest comestibles will be cooked up by The S’more Pit, managing open-flamed, open-faced gourmet goodness in service to the marshmallow gods, courtesy of HatchForm.

Vaunted MIX sponsor Homewise will reveal your new live/work space—seriously, you’re going to want to live here—with video and great advice on how to converge vitality with vocation in the final phase of El Camino Crossing.

Plus, you’ll get a discount at the SITE store, half-off membership sign-ups, guided tours and a sense of giddiness you just can’t get anywhere else.

This final event design work is done by Rory Macpherson.

Photography by Claire Amelia Martinez.


MIXout Survey Results

What incentives would motivate you to become a member of a museum?

fill in the blank

Exhibition Of my work

All of the above


International events


Educational Programs

Support a museum

Extra credit



discounts at the museum store; passes for guests

Events geared towards my age range

If I had more money to donate! I donate monthly to several other types of arts orgs.

Ad hoc advisory board

A feeling that the museum embraces the broader community and that I am connected to its community mission.

It feels good to support museums that are doing good work.

Not sure

helping community

What’s missing from the Santa Fe Cultural Landscape today?

What's missing?

All of the above and a late night club, recreational, better gentleman’s club

Trees and pedestrian access creates culture

High wage stable careers

More then 1 venue

Music venue

Music venue

Bike trails

Night life

A queer venue

Thai food

Dynamic, well funded people that know how to grow businesses

Outdoor recreation development

Arcade, forward thinking gamer stuff


walkable sidewalks and walking paths

Vegan and vegetarian restaurants. A vital bar scene.

More winter events

recognition of subcultures

Connectivity and understanding of the old and how it can blend and complement the contemporary

dace scene - we have no good nightclubs, no good salsa night, no place to go dance bachata, no good country dance scene, once again NO NIGHTCLUBS

It would be great if Santa Fe was a better community for walking. It is dangerous to walk around town!

public art

What’s your gut feeling on your capacity to thrive in Santa Fe’s future?

How many MIX events have you attended?

Tell us your age bracket--it helps us!


Zip Code

87505 | 33.9%
87501 | 32.7%
87507 | 16.1%
87508 | 7.1%
Other | 6%
87506 | 4.2%