This month we are trying to hone in on what are the obstacles for starting a business or pursuing an entrepreneurial idea.

You might recall that we asked a similar question back in January, and you more or less all answered $$$.

So this month what we want to know is, besides money, what do you need to launch your idea?

Every answer gets a drink ticket (’til we run out).

Most insightful response wins you $200

Uncategorized | May 13th 2010

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  • Frank O'Mahony
    14 years ago

    A small, fluid board of people willing to act as a sounding board and network me into essential services (legal, for example) at low cost/for stock/whatever.

    Also, a place to work with like-minded people, a sort of water-cooler for new businesses like Boulder’s

  • Zia
    14 years ago

    I find that when starting something new, people all want to hang back and wait to see how good it is before they get involved or want to back it up.
    In this town, word of mouth is so strong that if there were a way to build some type of network of people who’s tastes, opinions, thoughts, business savvy… are already admired and respected and they would review these ideas and if they are good, or at least worthy, they give it a stamp of approval and help spread the word. This could even become a print column…

  • Alex
    14 years ago

    Santa Fe is a gerontocracy, pure and simple. Day in/day out, the city’s most ambitious, tech-fluent, and forward-thinking professionals are disregarded in favor of those with whom long-standing ties have been forged and for whom the status quo need not be questioned.

    Moreover, and depending on how one approaches it, the city’s seasonality can prove either a boon or a bane. The degree to which it throws off accounting principles that would be de rigueur (and wisely so) in communities less impacted by tourism is felt every time we overstaff and overorder with overinflated expectancies of cash raining in with summer’s monsoons and each time we allow our inventories to plummet to a nadir in the (often oh-so-cold) cooler months.