So, you have a great startup idea? bizMIX is a journey to develop skills, attract resources, make community connections and find the tools you need to start up and stay up. Our annual acclerator begins in March 2019 (application released) and runs from May-September. Our model is proven to increase the success rate of startups.

We have concluded our 2018 bizMIX Business Accelerator Program and awarded our 2018 bizMIX finalists , a group of passionate community entrepreneurs in Santa Fe.

Read about the incredible results from our bizMIX 2018 Business Accelerator Program–including who won the biggest prizes! 

Read more about the facts on the bizMIX 2018 cohort!

If you have questions about our bizMIX 2019 program, or any questions about our program, please contact:

Pictured: 2018 bizMIX finalists and MIX Santa Fe staff.

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