What TV show would you make about Santa Fe?

Fiction, non-fiction, docu-drama, melodrama, reality show, comedy,
tragedy, discovery – all genres accepted

Submit your 3 minute pilot to MIX by August 11, 2010 the winner will
receive $1300 for production of a 30 minute program to air as a
special event on SFGTV Channel 28.


Extra credit for:

Using local talent

The surprise factor

Exploring uncharted territory

Young professional relevant content

Economic potential

Made by MIX | June 10th 2010

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  • Raji Mandelkorn
    14 years ago

    How exactly does one submit an entry? To whome? to where? in what format?

  • Raji
    14 years ago

    So? what’s the word? I’ve submitted a video and heard nothing back. I even asked for a confirmation that it was received and never heard anything. What’s going on?