2017 MIX Event Schedule

MIX hit a literal wall at the Santa Fe Climbing Gym in November 2016.
  • March 16, 2017 – First MIX Event of 2017! + bizMIX applications open
  • May 18, 2017 – bizMIX finalists announced and MIX Event

    • Late May 2017 – bizMIX Mentor Night #1

    • Early June 2017 – bizMIX Pitch Contest #1 at Santa Fe Chamber Awards

    • Late June 2017 – bizMIX Mentor Night #2

  • July 20, 2017 – bizMIX Pitch Contest at MIX Event

    • Late July bizMIX Mentor Night #3

    • August/Early September – bizMIX business plans due and final presentations

  • September 21, 2017MIX Event –

    • Preshow bizMIX Award Show

  • November 16, 2017MIX Event + AHA Collaboration

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Deeper Impact, Data Gathering and Community Engagement in Santa Fe

MIX Santa Fe, the award-winning community development and talent retention project, is announcing plans for 2017 that will produce deeper community impact and improved data gathering. This includes producing five high-quality networking events with our signature data gathering, engagement in community projects, and exhibition of local talent. The MIX team believes that five, semi-monthly events (previous years have featured ten monthly events) will allow for a greater depth of engagement, more exciting, vibrant and memorable events, and deeper impact for the community (see below for Third-Thursday networking event schedule). MIX will also be developing a crowd-sourced set of policy recommendations based on data gathered throughout the year and ideas generated from the community.

Bros at the MIXspression event in June 2016 at Form+Concept.

The formula is quality over quantity––fewer events, with more powerful, mission driven outcomes.

MIX is a forum for making dynamic connections to companies and community. In 2017, we’re strengthening the ways we empower small businesses and entrepreneurs and helping our constituency plug into proactive avenues for improving Santa Fe,” says Andrea Romero, Executive Director of MIX Santa Fe.

bizMIX has created over 65 jobs and is getting bigger and better

The signature start-up competition, bixMIX will run on a similar schedule to previous years, though the awards will take place in September and the due date of final business plans will be extended to give finalists more time to complete them. In 2016, bizMIX was the subject of an op-ed titled “City Seeing Dividends from bizMIX Program” by Bruce Krasnow, the Business Editor of the Santa Fe New Mexican.

“Our work to create a supportive community of entrepreneurs, mentors, alumni and sponsors through bizMIX keeps getting more fun and more wild as more people engage. Starting a business can be the thrill of a lifetime and the real world skills and relationships developed through bizMIX have been know to accelerate growth and last a lifetime,” says Kate Noble co-founder of MIX and bizMIX.

MIX will work with special community partners on events and special projects. These will be used to develop surveys and iterative forums for input on community action and policy ideas. These community partners have interests and goals in alignment with MIX’s vision of an engaged, collaborative, highly-participatory community including the After Hours Alliance, the Arts+Creativity Center, Homewise, MAKE Santa Fe and more.

MIX Third Thursday Networking Event Schedule and initial bizMIX start-up competition schedule.
All Locations TBD, please check MIXsantafe.com and on Facebook at facebook.com/MIXSantafe.



About MIXMIX was founded in 2009 as a project of the City of Santa Fe in partnerships with the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce and committed individuals. MIX receives funding support from the City of Santa Fe. It was awarded ‘Innovations in Government’ recognition from Harvard University in 2015 for our work as a talent retention and engagement project and a mechanism for start-ups and accessing professional opportunities.

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