Be sure to check out this interview with MIX coordinator Zane Fischer on the Kindle Project website.

MIX is one of the spring 2012 recipients of a Kindle grant, which will help support some of the St. Michael’s Drive pre-vitalization project and events in September.

Fischer answered 10 questions on the general topic of microstimulus for Kindle. Here’s a sample:

Kindle Project: Why are micro-stimulus grants important?

Zane Fischer: The current economic landscape is positively Dr. Seuss-ian in terms of navigability for most ventures and projects getting off the ground. On the one hand you have multi-national corporations benefitting from subsidies, favorable tax structures and unprecedented lobbying access, and using that power to narrow the paths to small and independent innovation and success. On the other hand, you have the fantasy of being the next Instagram or overnight Kickstarter funding or a venture capitalist deciding to be your guardian angel investor. Rather than being confounded by barriers or dreaming of easy wealth, a lot of talented and motivated people just need someone to demonstrate some belief in their idea and their abilities. A small push toward freedom to develop some additional capacity—something to get them up to the next rung, both mentally and financially—can make all the difference in early and bridge stages of a project.

Be sure to read the rest of the article—good stuff!

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