Fifteen amazing teams invited into bizMIX 2018. From fungus and florals to funerals and fitness, these teams are chock-full of brilliance!

Each bizMIX applicant is listed here, but don’t just read about them, come hear these entrepreneurs pitch their businesses in person at the next MIX event being held at El Rey Court on July 19th, from 6-8pm. You even get to vote on who’s your fave! The business with the most votes wins $500.

We welcome the following teams into bizMIX 2018:

ACME Tours, Adventures for the Community Minded Eco-tourist – bring folks on organic excursions focused on the diverse traditions of life in and around Santa Fe. Our aim is to create a deeper understanding and appreciation of the places and people of Northern New Mexico while getting tourist dollars directly into homes and communities. Tamara Prochorchik

Bau Wau Haus – (Bow Wow Haus) is a design and manufacturing company based in Santa Fe, NM specializing in stylish and functional Barkitecture. Barkitecture integrates your pet’s life with your own, offering a well designed and crafted product tailored to your discerning style while catering to your four legged companion’s functional needs. Where better to begin than at the front door? So, our first signature barkitectural product is a well designed, high end, locally hand-crafted doggy door. Offering style and options, BWH doggy doors will accentuate your home while your pet will love using it. Providing joy to those interacting with our Barkitecture, both human and pet alike, is our goal and commitment at Bow Wow Haus. Luca Marino-Baker

Parting Stone  – Our goal is to improve the mental health of grieving people for centuries to come by introducing a new form of human remains that addresses the experiential shortcomings of cremated remains. With the help of Los Alamos National Laboratory we have developed the Parting Stone – a solid, stone-like material that is clean, convenient, and beautiful. When cremation is chosen as the final disposition choice, families will now answer the question: Would you like to receive your loved one as cremated remains or as purified remains? Justin Crowe

Construction House Art School & Projects – is an interdisciplinary learning environment focused on a return to structure coupled with personal inspiration. We are committed to a conversation based in formal art and design principles. Construction House serves adults and children by delivering classes, workshops, private lessons and artist consulting. Tom Miller

Earth Traveler teardrop trailers – Can you imagine how amazing it would be to have a strong, safe and attractive 4-person teardrop trailer under 300 pounds that not just save you on gas but also can be tow with any small car around the world? Earth Traveler, teardrop trailers, provides an extremely lightweight camper without compromising the customer to buy a bigger or a second car just to tow. Angel Irlanda

The Fungus AmongUS – is grown local organic mushrooms. We are committed to growing the finest quality specialty mushrooms using sustainable practices. We want to improve the health of the planet and its people. Matthew Moya & Justin Armijo

Garden Lore Designs – offers simple, modern quilt patterns inspired by and for nature. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to non-profits whose work helps preserve endangered plant species. Lauren Ayer

Hopper + Sun – is a pop-up flower shop that offers handcrafted bouquets for all occasions as well as unique cacti and succulents for all levels of xerophile collectors. You can also subscribe to our flower service and receive weekly arrangements for your home and/or business. We offer New Mexican grown plants and flowers throughout the growing season and have a reliable source for plant material for the remainder of the year. Beauty is the root of our obsession and we are delighted to share that beauty from our flower garden and the flowers of other growers in our community. Roxane Hopper

La Villa Real Brewing Cooperative – A member owned co-operative brewery in Santa Fe. Mateo Miller & Zion Miller

Legendary Elegance Skincare – We specialize in handmade skincare products such as; soaps, lip balms, body balms, bath bombs, and more products to come. Our mission is to create products that help soothe and cleanse our customers while also increasing awareness of toxins in everyday products. To better serve our community, a 2oz bar gets donated to our local homeless shelters for every soap loaf made. Be You. Be Confident. Be Legendary. Dominique Garcia

Mabel’s Table – is a small batch, made in New Mexico, table linens business. We bring fashion, interior design, color, culture & spirit to the table. We are taking our passion for New Mexico and the City Different to the global market. Holly Tunkel & Diane Hanson

Nomada Goods Co. – is an import/export company that sources and distributes specialty heirloom foods, artisanals, and unique and endemic products from around the world. Our main goal is to give exposure to these small farmers, artisans and producers to the national and international marketplace through education, networking and guided trade compliance. Miguel Villalpando

Smiles for Miles – is a non-profit Studio and Gallery space, accommodated for disabled young adults, that focuses on their individual artistic strengths to develop marketable arts & crafts and gives these exceptional young adults a venue to interact with and educate the public while selling their work. Cheryl Kennedy

StandFit – seeks to positively impact the health of workers everywhere. This patented standing assistance device counters the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle by encouraging and facilitating standing in the workplace or at home. Russell Moore

UNUM Magazine – We are a global magazine dedicated to highlighting and celebrating women of diverse backgrounds, by sharing their personal stories and achievements. UNUM aspires to raise awareness of extraordinary women to impact, inspire and build a sense of community and connection both locally and worldwide, to show that despite what divides us, as one, we are stronger together. Tricia English

bizMIX News | May 11th 2018

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