PNM Resources Foundation Power-Up Grant awarded to MIX Santa Fe funds Meow Wolf-designed pop-up ‘parklet’ and mobile community convening space.

August 3, 2017, Santa Fe, NM—MIX Santa Fe designed a project to turn trash into treasure, or convert decommissioned City of Santa Fe roll-off dumpsters into mobile, ‘pop-up parklets’, or mini-park spaces that could roll on and off a back of a truck and be delivered to a space that did or does not yet have adequate means of hosting people who desire a nice place to linger.

The most recent parklet produced is not just another Meow Wolf marvel, but a way to spread some meow magic around the city.  A dynamic Meow Wolf team was commissioned by MIX, through a PNM Power-Up grant to design and build a guerilla gathering place capable of  being carted to different locations around town. The vision for the parklet stemmed from efforts to revitalize midtown Santa Fe and the Siler Rufina Nexus, car-centric locales that don’t offer a lot of pedestrian waypoints.

The park was unveiled at AHA and MAKE Santa Fe’’s Art of the Machine festival in July, and will be temporarily housed at Homewise on Siler Road. The venue truly shines at night, with brilliant solar-powered lighting casting circular shadows.

Meow Wolf’s incredible team included Justin DiIanni (lead designer), Geoff Banzhof (lead fabricator), Nick Toll (paint), Chris Beran & Chris Miller (lighting), and Kelly Francis & Diane Stern (project managers), with additional support from Sarah Dallas, Shannon Flaherty, Chris Brodsky, and Quinn Bilodeau.

For more information on hosting the parklet in your space, contact

Made by MIX, Media | August 3rd 2017

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