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Bio I consider myself a "Brand Architect". I am a driven, creative business leader and dynamic marketer with over 40 years of distinguished success in wholesale and manufacturing active apparel consumer goods. I am accomplished at realizing, revitalizing. and growing businesses. I embrace and excel at transformative assignments where the challenges have been innovation, strategy, growth, and culture. I look to develop compelling missions and visions that inspire employees. "My mandate is to help a company strategically develop its growth by creating a vision for the brand, maximizing its existing brands, developing new brand extensions, finding new markets and helping companies integrate themselves in the ever changing world of social media and technology. I combine the proper analysis with visionary thought." "Currently I serve as a Business Advisor for San Diego Sports Innovators (, which works with small to mid-size (start-ups) sports related companies and assists with capital funding." Specialties: Strategic planning in finance, design, merchandising, production, sales and marketing.