I don’t think anyone in Santa Fe would brag about the nightlife here. But we need the hard data. That way we can write grants to have mudwrestling competitions during shows by the hottest indie bands from Brooklyn while being served Korean BBQ from a KojiĀ  truck we imported from LA.

Best answer to the last question wins $200 that we plan to extort from the Chamber of Commerce.

Get it filled out by Friday 7/23 if you’re in it for the money.

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Made by MIX | July 16th 2010

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  • Marka
    14 years ago

    Read the survey, but didn’t fill it out. The first question assumes young professionals aren’t self-employed or own their own business. You should add this to the survey to make it relevant.

  • Zane Fischer
    14 years ago


    Thanks for your feedback. If you’re self-employed, aren’t you, by definition, employed? We certainly didn’t mean for anyone to feel excluded…