So, you have a great startup idea? bizMIX is a journey to develop skills, attract resources, make community connections and find the tools you need to start up and stay up. Our model is proven to increase the success rate of startups and now we are looking for the next group of passionate community entrepreneurs in Santa Fe.

More than $50,000 in cash and prizes will likely be awarded through the 2018 bizMIX competition (exact award amounts are determined by sponsorship funds and decided by judges’ panel). bizMIX Applications will launch at 5:00p on March 15, 2018 and be open for application submission through April 25, 2019 at 11:59p.  The bizMIX accelerator runs from May through September 2018 (detailed schedule below) and gives participants the chance to create opportunities and develop valuable relationships and a network of support. MIX doesn’t want a stake in your company, we want you to have a stake in our community.

**APPLY TO bizMIX 2018**

2017 bizMIX Startup Accelerator Finalists

bizMIX to Launch March 15!

Come join us for a pre-MIX event bizMIX Infosession on March 15 at 5:00p at Betterday Coffee to discuss your big dreams to explore through bizMIX!! The application will go live and we’ll answer questions about the fun to be had through the bizMIX program!

Jared Nicholson and his sKratch product for BizMIX

bizMIX is of course, one of the coolest mentoring programs around! Thank you so much to the bizMIX team. Pooling together so many talented individuals has given me a greater perspective on so many angles I would never have seen without the help, and experience of those involved with the bizMIX network. I now look forward to being part of a growing group of individuals, bent on job creation, and economic growth in Santa Fe.
– Jared Nicholson, BizMIX Winner

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