THE magazine is a visually oriented, free periodical concentrating on the local, regional, and national art scenes, as well as featuring articles, reviews and interviews on the performing arts, books, films, music, and important cultural issues of the day. THE magazine uses the resources of its community, the artists and writers living and working in New Mexico, as its primary editorial contributors. THE magazine is the eyes, ears, and voice of the art community throughout New Mexico.

Our primary audience is comprised of upscale, active, intelligent, culturally oriented, and lifestyle-minded people: artists, educators, art-related businesspersons, merchants, professionals, food lovers, students, musicians, and restaurant folks with a penchant for the finer things in life. A good percentage of our readers are part of the enormous influx of people from many locales around the United States who have come to live in Santa Fe because of its quality of lifestyle, and many are building or buying new homes in our area. These folks are your potential customers.

THE magazine is convinced that in business, as in life, “we are known by the company we keep.” THE magazine has carefully selected advertisers who will be comfortable and proud to be in the “company” of the other advertisers within our pages. The combination of THE magazine’s stunning design, intelligent writing, critical reflections, and handsome advertisements makes THE magazine the magazine to read in Santa Fe, and throughout New Mexico.