This Thursday is the first (and only) day of SchoolHouse MIX. Dress in your back-to-school best tortured artist apparel or devious creator clothes or creative entrepreneur ensemble and you might win cold hard cash from judges including savvy staff from sponsor THE Magazine.

Join us in the big, bold, beautiful San Busco building as it transitions into the brand new bedrock of the New Mexico School for the Arts.

DJ mr2turntablz ( will set the soundtrack, while NMSA arts student projections will piledrive your pupils and you can calm your inner creative cacophony by cutting up and collaging old copies of THE.

Arriving as early as 5:30 will get you a head-start on diving into graffitiing THE magazine dispensers and will make sure you’re first in line for free small bites from Pranzo, which will also sell plates for hungrier hangers about.

As always, filling out our survey at the event or online at will get you a gratis cocktail from the classy crew of the Jean Cocteau.

NMSA students will be perpetrating pop-up performances on unsuspecting people and jaded culture hacks alike, so watch your step and be ready for anything.

This is the perfect event to learn more about the next iteration of New Mexico’s statewide public school for the arts and to offer your input into the new direction and ambitious leadership at THE Magazine. Remember, at MIX, our motto is that community is created by whoever shows up to do it.

This month’s design by Holly Pons, see more of her work at HollyCPons

Photography by Jason Stilgebouer and NMSA students.

schoolhouse MIX Survey Results

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