Sick of having your sublime sensibilities exsanguinated by the surreal news cycle? Ready to be reminded of radical ideas, ribald ruminations, well-reasoned reckonings, and robust re-imaginings of reality?
Join us on Thursday, October 20th for MIXplexity, a hilltop hootenanny at the legendary Santa Fe Institute, where the kind of chaotic complexity that confounds and confuses the world is explored for the purpose of illuminating order, hypothesizing purpose and ultimately proving that science is not-so-simply scintillating.

*This is the perfect ounce of October Awesome to treat yourself to–and to participate in this naturally nuclear-level networking, you’ll have to catch a ride on one of the frequent shuttles up and back from Fort Marcy via super-swanky Santa Fe Valet. Those who are in no matter what, read on…those who need, transportation details, skip to the bottom.
At President Obama’s October 13 Frontiers Conference (which was attended by SFI professor of complex systems Luis Bettencourt), the president proclaimed that he was an unapologetic science geek–and now you’ve got a chance to get your geek on by rubbing shoulder pads with prolifically postulating professors and knocking pocket protectors with thought-provoking theoreticians. Scientists from SFI as well as Los Alamos National Labs will be on hand to hone your halting hope for human sanity and inspire you to escalate your intellect.

Casa Nova Catering will be creating commanding culinary complexities to add some extra boom to your brainpower, which will be free to anyone able to speak in complete sentences.

The crazy chemists from the Jean Cocteau will concoct all manner of cocktails to calm you from crazed to cool in preparation for conversation with sexy science superstars. As usual, you’ll receive a brilliant bebida courtesy of our killer sponsor–in this case LANL and its commitment to community investment–if you fill out our survey in advance ( or via tablet at the door.

DJ n_8 of SFI will phase in some fractally phonetic frequencies to fill your femurs with freak and photographers Pat Murray and Jennifer Rapinichuk will provide science-y photobooth fun, including tantalizing tintype prints processed on site.

*Here’s the catch, folks. The Santa Fe Institute campus is an incredible facility and certainly one of the best places to watch a destined-to-be sensational sunset with a Jean Cocktail in your hand and new secret science buddies in your psyche…but there just ain’t parking. So the super valiant Santa Fe Valet has stepped up to provide shuttles up from Fort Marcy every 20 few minutes, with trips back down the hill every 20 minutes like clockwork. So if you meet someone who’s more stalker than scientist, you’ll never be stuck. We know that not having your own car is a terrible blow to your American independence, but we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to make your very, very short shuttle rides immensely memorable and rewarding. Just pretend you’re in, you know, a city and you’re taking advantage of amazing public transportation.
Pick up Fort Marcy, Parking Lot above the baseball field, off Murales Road.


Bus #1-5:45

Bus #2-5:55

Bus #3-6:10
Buses will return every 20 Mins

Bus #1-6:05pm

Bus #2- 6:15pm

Bus #3- 6:30pm

MIXplexity Survey Results

Are you employed in a STEM (science, technology, engineering or math) related field?

I would engage more with the science in the community if:

I think Santa Fe has great commercial opportunities in STEM when it comes to:

The most important science and scientific thinking in Santa Fe comes from:

I'd like to see more of ____ through MIX.

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87505 | 35.2%
87501 | 32.7%
Other | 11.3%
87507 | 10.1%
87506 | 6.9%
87508 | 1.9%
87504 | 1.3%
87594 | 0.6%