Come bask in the bodacious, beautiful and totally boss Santa Fe Botanical Garden and meet the 2015 #bizMIX winners at this month’s magnificent outdoor MIX.

Street Food Institute will be teeing up tasty and totally free tongue teasing treats while providing full fare for purchase out of its freaky food truck and menagerie of mastication magic.

Vivác Winery and event sponsor Allstate Insurance: Tina Quezada Jacobswill rustle up refreshing rounds of rosé for the first 200 folks who fill out a survey at and you’ll find a complete cash bar gracing el jardín for your summer cocktail and beverage passions.

DJ Rollo Rodriguez will be bustin’ out a bouquet of beats, while Alex Krause snaps photos of the more fashionable fauna.

Discover a mysterious and maddening tree that wants to eat your thumb–carnivorous plant or public safety initiative? You decide.

Tell us a bit about how you want to do business in Santa Fe and take time to ask this year’s bizMIX finalists about their businesses–because every single one of them is a serious bad ass and is dedicated to making a better, bolder Santa Fe.

Once darkness descends, navigate the night with local brainy business Brightmedic. We gotcher 15% discount right here. Use code: THX15Q12 at http://www.

Finally, ride the radical new zipline from the top of the Folk Art Museum straight down to the garden and through the narrow adrenaline-driving arroyo walls.*

Apples by this month’s designer: Hannah Reiter

*Not exactly true, but it would be fun, right? Hint, hint, Museum Hill.

Garden of MIXin’ Survey Results

How often do you think about breaking out of having a boss and booting up your own damn business?

If you were to start your own business, which scenario best describes what you’d do?

Work it nights, weekends and lunch breaks until it became viable or I drove myself to an early grave. | 40.5%
Do you not listen? I already own my damn business | 26.6%
Quit my current job and go at it 100% | 25.9%
Trick my friends and family into donating all their time and money in order to make it work. | 6.9%

How likely are you to start a business in Santa Fe?

Have you ever started a business?

How important do you think bizMIX and other entrepreneurial support organizations are to starting a business?

As a result of a MIX event, I...

How many MIX events have you attended?

Tell us your age bracket--it helps us!


Zip Code

87501 | 52.8%
87505 | 25.2%
87507 | 8.7%
87508 | 6.7%
Other | 3.5%
87506 | 2%
87504 | 1.2%