This month’s empowerMIX delivers overdue doses of doting to the many and diverse women of the City Different who distinguish Santa Fe with entrepreneurial, activist and visionary leadership and innovation, sponsored by the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce.

Come and lounge with us at the posh and popular Lacuna Galleries on Palace Avenue–operated by international cross-sector entrepreneur Sheryle Moon–and experience a bevy of badass offerings from women-owned businesses and fabulous female talent.

Nosh on mini-Bahn Mi Vietnamese Sandwiches from Soma Frank’s and Fiona Wong’s Sweetwater Harvest Kitchen and dine on delectables from Elizabeth Koch’s Zia Diner. Then let Chaine Pena and Misha Hesse blow your mind with masticatable magic from Ma Chérie Bakery.

DJ Vanessa Wilde will cease control of the Candyman Strings and Things sound system and teach you how to find your feminine center of gravity groove.

Experience awesome antics orchestrated by One Billion Rising, Planned Parenthood and Goler.

Flush out your feelings on our survey and you’ll get your first drink comped courtesy of Slazer Technologies.

And help MIX take back the sash with a new millennium twist on a suffragate classic. We’re done with sashes being relegated to beauty pageants and we’re going to be helping you dole out custom sashes to declare what women represent in our community, which women represent the ideals you adore and who is leading women (and the rest of us) into the future. Come ready to write, ready to wear and willing to rock.

Finally, we’ll unveil our 2015 bizMIX business plan finalists who are about to face off as Santa Fe startups looking forward to the future.

This month’s design by Lindsey Harder and photography is by Hallie Brennan.

empowerMIX Survey Results

What is your favorite place to go for women's services?

Where friends are


Ten Thousand Waves

I am a male so I don't really use women's services.


My gyno

I am a normal straight guy - don't need them

Adelante seems to be a great service with their women's cooperative

planned parenthood

I haven't used any

Haven't had a need to search them out

Bair Madical Spa in Albuquerque

Women's Health Center

Elle Well for chiropractic and massage

Brazilian Waxing Boutique

Not a woman

Ten Thousand Waves

Ten Thousand Waves

Ojo caliente

St vs

La Familia

Ten Thousand Waves

my daughter's house

My doctor

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood & Women's Health Services for health issues, IMPACT for self-defense classes


Spa at Loretto Inn

Planned Parenthood

Don't know

St Francis Health Center

Do you feel that men and women get paid equally in your office?

Does your job provide you maternity/paternity leave?

Describe the gender balance of your workplace, male:female? i.e. 2 men to 5 women

Same but i work in the healing arts


1 man to 3 women

1 man, 1 woman

1 man, two women

2 men 5 women


8 women to 5 men


50/50 split

Doesn't apply . Always changing.

80/20 women to men on the admin side; 70/30 men to women on the production side

4 men to 2 women

I am a sole practitioner but most of the people I work with are men


One man

3F to 1 M

3 F to 1M

Public health... Almost all women!!!

1 man 8 womenn

1 to 1

3 men, 7 women


1 man 2 women


All women!

Unknown -- I would say that it's a pretty even ratio.

3 women 2 men

14 women to 4 men

40+ women 10 men

5women:1male (staff) 3women:5men (board)

How can Santa Fe better support female leadership?

Ah yes - mama with kids know this city's needs in safety


Safer streets to walk, promote equal pay and paid maternity leave

Offer workshops and programs for young women interested in leadership roles. They are the future.

Maybe have the Chamber run a women's leadership santa fe bootcamp

Women oriented mentor ship group, free business courses, hire more women as bosses

make sure their is capital available at a fair interest rate / equal pay for equal resume (not just job title)

better education/public schools

Value and promote their business, work and input just as any other.

I am not sure

People really need to read their resumes and get acquainted with their abilities

More opportunities for women to network, educate one another and mentor those coming up through city sponsored workshops and events.

More jobs

EDUCATION! Mentoring! Put smart, driven and intelligent women together with girls very early on. Better math and science initiatives for young women and girls. Partner with the labs, Girl's Inc, and city and state government. And yes, I would LOVE to helm a project like this.


Mix is doing a good job

Create more jobs

Create more jobs

more leadership training, more leadership positions, more training around healthy professional female relationships!

Replace patti bushee


Better financial support

More women in City government, for a start

Scholarships and grants for women in business, art, school

Most of the badass leaders I know in this town are women. Kudos.

More ladies-only networking opportunities and events that highlight women's successes!

More things like this!

Ensure there are equal numbers of women on government and Non Profit Boards

By being realistic/balanced about the characteristics we value in people and in our society

elections and awareness

Like any talent- pay for the quality of talent and provide opportunity for career growth while allowing time for personal/family life management

What do you do for a living?

Art related field | 32.3%
Non-profit | 22.6%
Other | 9.7%
Professional Services (legal, accounting, etc) | 6.5%
Clothing, fashion | 6.5%
Technology | 6.5%
Government | 3.2%
Design related field | 3.2%
Building trade/Construction Industry | 3.2%
Service sector (food, hospitality, etc) | 3.2%
Education | 3.2%
Outdoor industry | 0%
Medical | 0%

Why do you come to MIX?

How many MIX events have you attended?

How did you hear about this event?

Tell us your age bracket--it helps us!