Buckle up for betaMIX and break out your best to join us in celebrating Santa Fe’s most baller businesses.

We are going to be rocking the Baca Railyard with hosts Yares Art Projects www.yaresartprojects.com and Santa Fe Modern Home www.santafemodernhome.com/ providing cooling contemporary coziness. There’s enough art and design packed in this gorgeous new Railyard building to mollify your modernist mind for months.

MIX is always lusty and loco for local businesses but betaMIX is downright startuppity! First, we’re launching the beta test of local business connection engine Yellcast and helping any and all local businesses get setup and ready to use this tantalizing new tool.

Next, in our annual pitch contest, you’ll hear from the finest crop of finalists the bizMIX startup competition has ever had and help us choose which new local business has the pitch that’s most on point. These finalists are locked in a tight contest to win huge amounts of cash and resources–all provided by existing local businesses and agencies that support Santa Fe entrepreneurs and the best way to see it in action is to come and provoke some punchy presentations out of these potential powerhouses.

DJ Garronteed will be seamlessly segueing from hip hop to reggae and back with ceaseless summer sound while the YouthWorks! /santafeyouthworks.org/ culinary program serves up sublime and succulent morsels of masticational magic. The grub, as always, is gratis.

Levelling out the local love, the legendary Jean Cocteau Cinema bar www.jeancocteaucinema.com/ will be laying out cocktails crafted exclusively from local liquor. Sashay over to our survey (mixsantafe.com/survey) and your first drink will be courtesy of Yellcast.

This month’s design by Jonathon Duarte-see more of his work at 20bones.wordpress.com!

betaMIX Survey Results

Do you use internet search to find local businesses?

What is the most important factor in deciding to use a business or product?

Price | 25%
Friendliness or Custom Service | 25%
Ethics behind the company or product | 21.4%
Convenience | 16.1%
Whether or not they're local | 12.5%

What stops you from shopping locally?

How do you put MIX to work for you? (Or, how do you hope to?)

How many MIX events have you attended?

Tell us your age bracket--it helps us!


Zip Code

87501 | 45.5%
87505 | 26.8%
87507 | 9.8%
87508 | 6.3%
Other | 5.4%
87506 | 3.6%
87504 | 1.8%
87502 | 0.9%