Hot weather and smoke in the air got you down? Try PickUpMIX! Now with up to 30% more soothing beverages, funkabilly frosting and raw networking power.

On Thursday June 20, LEVEL FINE ART SERVICES will play host to PickUpMIX at its fantastically renovated location on Railfan Road in the Baca Railyard.

Check out these swanky digs while you let your June heat rage simmer down into some soulful soothing courtesy of gentle rockabilly funktry stylings of the one and only DJ PRAIRIE DOG.

The Original RealBurger food truck, a bit of a legend, will roll right up to the loading ramp and slide out FREE mouth watering righteousness and will have a larger menu available for purchase–’cause once it hits your lips its hard to stop the madness.

Wash it all down with adult beverages served up by the high performance bar tending crew from Kelly Liquor Barn. As usually, you can get your first DRINK FREE by filling out a quick survey at the door or ahead of time online (

A minute of your time gets you the DEL MAR Summer Cocktail, a soothing concoction courtesy of LEVEL neighbor and Baca Railyard superstar Salon Del Mar.

What? That’s not enough to get your networking panties in a happy bunch?

Try this on for size: A Tattooed Strongman show by Talis Fortuna Santa Fe’s new tattoo artists and fresh-faced Baca Railyard denizens. You’ll dig it the most, Baby.

But wait, that’s not all! Join PickUpMIX today and we promise that awesome bizMIX sponsor Positive Energy Solar will show up and help you win a sweet solar set up for your favorite non-profit. Plus, SALON DEL MAR will set up the cutest damned lemonade stand you’ve ever even seen.

Look for the bright orange building with the Yellow awnings. Or set your GPS to bitchin’ –either way should work.

PickUpMIX design by Ashley Arellanes
Event photography by Celia Santos

Free drinks and food are available while supplies last: first come, first serve, suckahs. As always MIX is a private party and YOU and YOURS are invited.