Last month those guys over at the SF Complex cut loose like never before, shows you what a couple silver coin margaritas and a chicken leg from Jambo will do…

Well this month MIX is on the move to the home of Santa Fe’s first live/work complex, Second Street Studios. They’re so advanced they were rockin’ the neo-urban thing back in ’90

So what up next for them? Santa Fe’s first Colab Workspace… you rent a desk and get hooked up with internet, meeting rooms, a kitchen, copier… heck maybe even a water cooler

So what else would you like to see in a colab space? How about your best idea for naming the as-yet unnamed co-work space? No pressure, but just so you know, your answer scrawled on the wall is worth exactly one drink ticket.

All our snacks for the evening are coming straight from the hood.

Backroad Pizza, that haven of punk rock pies, will be serving up the mini-slices and if you haven’t seen it, check em out on Food Network’s Diner’s Dives and Drive-ins here (

DJ FOXTROT y General BOBCAT is gonna have you marching to a vinyl beat, think Sergeant Pepper jacket with some fly Adidas.

And as always Underground will be manning the cash bar.