This third Thursday in May, MIXed Connections congregates our crazy crowdsourcing community at Tumbleroot Brewery + Distillery. . .and reveals the finalists for this year’s bizMIX business plan competition.

You’d better be ready for ballsy business ideas, bold brews, delectable distillates, gnarly nosh and welcoming the warm weather in this voluminous new venue between El Camino Real de la Tierra Adentro–aka the Agua Freeway, aka Agua Fria Street–and the Santa Fe River, overlooking the new bike and pedestrian trail extension.

Tumbleroot will toss you a free taste when you fill out our swanky survey ( Do it in advance and you won’t have to wait in line to go collect your clever Hemingway-themed rum concoction or your might Maibock, courtesy of the beer and spirit masters at Tumbleroot.

Seriously celestial comestibles will be served up by Swine & Bird along with fellow food truck Bang Bite, including fantastical freebies.

DJ Flobug will flummox you with furiously fine figurative feldstücke.

Tumbleroot is the newest addition to the Siler Rufina Nexus neighborhood and the walkable residential remedies at Homewise’s El Camino Crossing. Join us in connecting way more than just dots this month.

This deal’s dazzling design is courtesy of Parker Laughlin Jennings and his linecircledot operation.

Fabulous photography will be finagles by Hallie Brennan.

MIXed Connections Survey Results

Have you ever started a business?

How likely are you to start a business in Santa Fe?

I got this. Can and will only do it here. | 36.7%
Not entirely sure, but leaning meh. | 23.6%
I got a job, I don't need to make one myself. | 23.1%
I'd prefer Santa Fe, but have other options. | 16.6%

If you were to start your own business, or have started one, which scenario best describes what you’d do?

How important do you think bizMIX and other entrepreneurial support organizations are to starting a business?

Can’t have a strong economy without entrepreneurial support. | 70.9%
It helps, but it doesn’t make or break any particular business. | 25.6%
Maybe support is useful in rare occasions. | 3.5%
Waste of time and money. | 0%

How often do you “go out”? (e.g. spending $ at bars/restaurants)

Once or twice per week | 48.7%
3+ per week | 32.7%
Only on the weekends | 13.1%
There are places to 'go out'? | 5.5%

How many MIX events have you attended?

Tell us your age bracket--it helps us!


Zip Code

87501 | 30.7%
87505 | 29.6%
87507 | 24.6%
87506 | 5.5%
Other | 5.5%
87508 | 3.5%
87502 | 0.5%