You know when life comes along and lays a licking on the latitude you’ve allowed for self-indulgence? And you get that sudden and sublime zensation around the chaos and complexity loitering at the liminal edge of every other living being?


Whether it’s world events or our own wacky, wondrous community, sometimes the machinations and myriad minds manifest in our multitudes really put the me in meaningless.

But MIX is here to remind you that it’s always us, baby. Each of us is epic and we’re still better together.

So put the me in meeting us at the plucky and poetic Cafe Sonder and help us probe the boundaries of public and private, metaphysical and face to face, the with and the without, and the indoors and the outdoors as we MIX in Sonderland.

We might be running deep this mad May, but we’re still holding form with DJ BadCat serving succulent shebump and SFUAD superstar Gabriella Adelāi Léger-Lovato projecting pixels onto all possible planes.

The superb Sonder chef Nick Razatos will share pork belly sandwiches, salmon carpaccio and a selection of Mediterranean dip delights.

As always, take a moment to mind our survey and your first drink is free.

Plus, meet mysterious bizMIX finalists, learn more about the new Homewise Mixed Use miracle happening in the middle of town, bear witness to a giant bear head and make the most magical manifestation of yourself known to all those who must MIX.

This month’s graphic design by Evan Eastep
Photography by Audrey Derrell

MIX in Sonderland Survey Results

I am professionally…

Employed Full-Time | 35.6%
Own a business | 19.4%
Work as a freelancer/contractor/gig economy | 18.9%
Other | 12.8%
A student | 6.7%
Retired | 3.3%
Employed Part-Time | 3.3%

My commute to and from school/work from my home is…

To travel around town, I usually…

Do you like to live where you work, or would you rather keep some separation between labor and life?


I'd rather have some sepperation but don't mind mixing the, together

I work from home, in work places & studios

Work both at home and at a spa. Like the variety.

I would like to work from home but my job does not allow it

I work in the film industry, when I work I'm on location, personal projects take place at home.

Pedestrian and bicycle trails are a big priority for folks. How would you most frequently use a trail near your home?

How many MIX events have you attended?

Tell us your age bracket--it helps us!


Zip Code

87505 | 32.8%
87501 | 29.4%
87507 | 22.2%
87508 | 8.3%
87506 | 4.4%
Other | 2.8%