MIX is shipwrecking you on a desert isle this July…and there’s no where you’d rather be.

The snazz-tastic LUXX HOTEL has been converted into a private paradise for this private party (that YOU are invited to).

GILLIGAN can go to hell or he can grab a totem pole and dance his skinny ass off:

ZIRCUS EROTIQUE will be mingling in inappropriate attire looking to give discounts to an upcoming show.

LA BOCA and IL PIATTO will combine forces. If you have to eat a coconut or sample some seawater, it’s going to be the best damned coconut seawater tapas/enoteca apertivo that’s ever slithered down your throat while you play at being lost at sea.

Under the canopy of opposite palm groves PABLO 77 and DJ OONA will compete to see who gets kicked off the sonic island and who reigns supreme as master of the lost island tribe.

ROUGE CAT will be serving honest pours in exchange for your wages, both honest and ill-gotten.

The WINNERS of the MIX Mobile App Challenge will be announced as will their treasure island stash of thousands of dollars in prizes and awards.

As always, we’re willing to TRADE DRINKS for your Amazing, Insightful, Compelling, sometimes Disturbing, but always Excellent Ideas: Tell us how downtown businesses can create more local revenue and a drink ticket is yours. Give us a really good idea and you could wind up with a lot more.*

If you’re looking for an awesome employee or a bitchin’ boss, check out the HIRE/BE HIRED board where Santa Fe’s best jobs and freelance opportunities are found.

FIND OUT about the next big MIX Challenge coming up in August and how your project can win cash at MIXSantaFe.com.

*Drinks offered in exchange for answers while supplies last. Early birds get the booze.