If you’ve been waiting for a MIX to come along that showers you in bicycles, art, smoothies, beer, margaritas, iced cappuccinos, meats, cheeses and sushi, all while conspicuously fit people lift heavy objects and show off dance moves in the open air of the early evening AND a truck full of art plays chicken with a truck full of groceries, well, your time has come.

May is official bike to everything month, which means its time to tune up your two wheeler, polish your pennyfarthing, burnish your bicicleta and bounce on over to MIXicleta this Thursday May 15.

We’ll be taking over the parking lot of Solana Center, and turning asphalt into ass-shaking with DJ Prairie Dog and a set from Alamo Sun.

La Montanita Coop is going to be cranking out salacious samples of its delicious, organic smoothies.

The Betterday Coffee Shop is serving up $1 cappuccinos and iced toddies.

Masa Sushi will thrill and delight the crowd with bold feats of rice-wrapped derring-do.

The Real Butcher Shop is going thick-cut and all-out with meats and cheeses.

The Cowgirl BBQ has partnered with the NM Brewers Guild to serve tap beers from five New Mexico breweries in addition to magical margaritas. As always, fill out the quick survey online, or at the entrance, and your first drink is free to you. This month it’s courtesy of awesome downtown bike shop Mellow Velo.

The Scuba HI ICESHELF truck will be on hand on the verge of its national art tour departure.

The MoGro mobile grocery store truck will be on hand to demo it’s program and maybe, just maybe, will transform into a three story robot with missiles and lasers. Maybe.

The good folks from UNDISPUTED FITNESS will lift trucks and leap buildings while Dance Station show you how to turn your frump into flair.

Remember, if you are one of the first 100 to ride your bike, you’ll get a free SWAG bag chock full ‘o’ just what you need to join MIX and AHA for theBike to Bar bacchanalia to follow.

This month’s design by Matthew Krekeler. Samantha Podio will do photography.

As always MIX is a private event and YOU and YOURS are invited. Free food and drinks are while supplies last, so don’t be dallying.