Get with MIX for this gargantuan get down in the Guadalupe District on this Third Thursday, from 6-8pm at the devastatingly delightful new digs of extra-entrepreneurial uber-co Descartes Labs100 N Guadalupe St, Santa Fe, NM 87501.
Marvel at the mind-bending mapping magic that gets made when algorithms roil in rhythm with sexy sat feeds and help settle on solutions for the City of Santa Fe to serve some game changers to hardworking Guadalupe Street go-getters.
A cornucopia of prizes collected from the Guadalupe District businesses will be raffled off every fifteen minutes for those of you who donate new (or lightly used) jackets, non-perishable foods, or just plain old cash monies to Adelante! (Show proof of donation or bring the goods to the event!)
Mythic munchies and cosmic comestibles will materialize courtesy of the Descartes Labs Kitchen and the laudable ladle of Leah Devine Pokrasso of Leafy Greens Plus. Delectable local distillery Santa Fe Spirits will be serving up their mouth-watering Apple Brandy hot toddies, and Barrel Aged Nut Jobs, yes, please! Want a drink on the house? Fill out our survey at the event or beforehand at this link.
Incredible eats, heroic cocktails, the wild jams of DJ Sol, fundraising for local non-profits, and the most interesting people alive. We’ll see ya there.

And come by Paloma for the after-party! They’ve got SO much mezcal, and tasty tequila, and a toasty firepit, and good food, and lovely bartenders.

Graphic design by Mariah Romero.

Cogito Ergo MIX Survey Results

What does 'cogito ergo MIX' mean?

I think, therefore MIX | 61.2%
The temporary axis of the universe, aka Guadalupe District, Santa Fe | 22.1%
Yo no hablo whatever that is | 12.5%
It's a kind of cheese | 4.2%

Do you shop in the Guadalupe District, e.g. anywhere near here?

I like to walk it, maybe eat/drink here, but I'm not really a big shopper. | 42.6%
Yes, all the time and I love it! | 30.1%
I would if I could find a place to park | 18.6%
Are you cray? I can't afford to shop here. | 8.7%

Landing in Santa Fe? What would make you comfortable? What do you need?

In Santa Fe, it seems like housing is...

Extremely hard to get into if you're just getting your financial feet firmly on the ground. | 43.6%
Possible with Homewise! | 18.6%
Relatively easy to figure out. You just need to stick with it. | 17.6%
Impossible and expensive. I think I have to live in a van down by the river. | 15.1%
Affordable, available, and exciting to get into! | 5.1%

How many MIX events have you attended?

Tell us your age bracket--it helps us!


Zip Code

87505 | 39.7%
87501 | 27.9%
87507 | 11.5%
Other | 8.3%
87508 | 6.1%
87506 | 3.5%
87502 | 2.2%