Third Thursday MIX is stirring the pot this November. Can we make a tasty stew by combining Santa Fe’s young, restless pros with the things they most crave–namely top shelf booze, gourmet finger food, a live DJ and more pretty faces than you can shake a fistful of business cards at?

Yeah, that’ll do.

But what happens when we add historic preservation, the legacy of a rock ‘n’ roll, pioneering feminist architect, secret revelations about a town you though you knew, multi-media projections, artists, freaks and underground entrepreneurs?

We’ll find out.

At 6 pm we’ll meet in the alcove behind La Fonda’s La Plazuela restaurant. Champagne and margaritas will be on hand. Architect Barbara Felix will describe the challenges she faced in staying true to Mary Colter’s vision and work during a recent renovation. Then Felix and celebrated artist Tony Abeyta will accept challengers in tag team mud wrestling, before leading a tequila-fueled charge to La Fonda’s upstairs La Terraza room, overlooking St. Francis Cathedral.

The La Fonda dining crew has prepared a special slate of apps and noshes to down while DJ Prairie Dog gives everyone a mood makeover and sets the tone for…MIXing.

Parking will validated by La Fonda, so use of their lot is gratis. Champagne, margaritas and first drink are free–fully stocked cash bar available after.