It’s February and it’s a brand new year, people. Join us Twenty MIXteen while we put some funky in the year of the Monkey.
Meet us on this month’s third Thursday at the Eldorado Hotel and Spa’s novo Cava Lounge where you can warm up in front of the mammoth mantlepiece, sink into the sumptuous seating or belly up to the blisteringly beautiful bar.
The Cava crew will be putting together a tasty tour de force of offerings from their impressive culinary cornucopia, all of which will be free for the sampling. The bar staff will crank out complimentary cocktails for those who fill out our survey either in advance (survey link) or using one of the MIX ipads at the door.
DJ James Stodgel will playfully punch up the pallet rack decks and give a refined reshine to some mean, green, lean soundstream.
We’re kicking off Twenty MIXteen by celebrating the civic savoir-faire of Santa Fe’s superb public servants. Love the library? Keep the Fire Department on speed dial? Fall down to your knees and thank the sweet baby Jesus for regular trash and recycling pick-up? Now’s the time to bid a broad and bona fide bit of thanks to the fine folks whose work makes our lives better and easier every day.
This Thursday night, 6-8p eat and drink with the beautiful folk of Santa Fe. The first 200 guests who take our survey, get a free drink, courtesy of Cava Bar.
Pop quiz! Study and take our ‘Are you Smarter Than the Average Santa Fean?’ 10 question exam. A+ prizes for those who study and get 8 of 10 brain busters correct. Cava Bar has a full bar open from 5p-11p for anyone studying for finals.
Know your factoids on Santa Fe’s success stories in public service? Mentally upload the data and snap a pic (#mixsantafe #howtomix) with your most favorite and impressive facts on where we live. Have a message for MIX; (especially one of universal love)? Share your anecdote with MIX on a sticky note and your carta de amor may make it into the release of an upcoming MIX publication.
For extra credit, we invite voters, candidates and public servants alike to mingle and merge ideas of New Mexico’s future. Gold stars for those who show up at 5:30p to meet and greet District 1 candidates vying for a seat on City Council.
Parking on the street is free after 6p, public garages are open for biz, while Eldorado parking will be limited. See you there in your stately swag.

Design Cred: Lacey Adams
Photo Cred: Zach Maloof and Jo Stodgel

20MIXteen Survey Results

Are you registered to vote?

Heck yes87%
No, I don't believe I am.13%

Do you believe MIX has helped you engage around local political issues?

Up to now, what issues have been most important to you locally?

Economy/Jobs | 20.9%
Affordable Housing | 12.4%
Education | 12.4%
Nightlife | 10.7%
Water | 8.7%
Recreation/Green Space | 8.1%
Youth | 6.8%
City Budget/Services | 6%
Transportation/walkability | 5.9%
Zoning and Land Use | 4.5%
Public Safety | 3.6%

What national issues are you concerned about?

Which city services turn you on the most?

Which city infrastructure keeps you up at night?

How many MIX events have you attended?

As a result of a MIX event, I...

Tell us your age bracket--it helps us!


Zip Code

87501 | 58.1%
87505 | 22.1%
87507 | 8.8%
87508 | 6%
Other | 3.7%
87506 | 0.9%