We are proud to introduce the yellCast Connection Engine – the simplest and most affordable way for people and businesses to connect.

Through the internet and mobile devices, we are more connected than ever, yet their promise of enabling true local connections is still elusive. We believe that we have solved the problem by creating a local, conversational commerce engine that instantly enables connections via phone, text and email. It’s a truly open marketplace that democratizes commerce.

Our mission is to put consumers and local businesses back in charge of their Internet. You should have choices. You should have control over your personal data and how it is used and not be constantly tracked. You should not have to suffer through an endless stream of ads to make a connection with a business. Small businesses and professionals should not have to be experts in internet marketing and SEM. Big companies should not dominate results, people should. Having a phone number should suffice to easily be discovered by a new customer. The web, mobile phones and chat are now all enabling platforms, and yellCast is using all of them to change the status quo.