Several Mix attendees at the April 19 MixedGreens event at Lena Street Lofts helped contribute ideas for how to revitalize the St. Michael’s Drive corridor.

Thanks, again, to The Palace Restaurant and Saloon, El Farol, Cupcake Clothing, Outside Magazine, Second Street Brewery, Hutton Broadcasting and other Mix sponsors for contributing prizes for the Saint-Mike’s-O-Tron wheel!

Below, check out some of the ideas on the map, and then scope the complete list below.
Contribute your own ideas in comments, and keep your eyes open for upcoming St. Mike’s idea generation activities.

Traffic circles
creative village on or adjacent to SFUAD grounds
arts and culture beehive
bar with a 6 lane bowling alley
go carts
live work space
a pathogen free sex positive gay bathhouse
empanada shack
second run movies with beer and pizza
art gallery with a strip club
a bar like matador but big enough for seating
revitalized movie theater
restaurants bars
dance clubs
drag strip traffic lights with top speed displays
reduced zoning and parking regulations
live work space
anything but fast good and car lots
serious greenery
live music venues
community gardens
live work spaces
a fabulous shoe emporium
center median light rail pilot tram
microbusiness startup space
cheap art space
center for aging and elderly with creative activities and legal resources prairie dog petting zoo
outdoor community center with shops kiosks fireplaces and fountains
indoor and outdoor soccer complex
communal creative space
mini golf
live work space
turn car lots into community charter schools
safe house and rehabilitation center
hand art rail through the middle
giant clanging train arriving in X minutes accurate sculpture

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  • leisa
    12 years ago

    A nice dance club. Indoor/outdoor venue..that somehow could be used for yoga thai chi and performance..partially subsidized by the city

  • Rebecca Alvarez
    12 years ago

    All of these sounds so good!!!!
    Hexagono Design want to get involved and help out show and create ideas in a more contemporary way, lets use the talent of young professionals.

  • Zane Fischer
    12 years ago


    There’s nothing we’d like more than to work with you guys at Hexagano. I’ve mentioned it to David Grey, but we’re happy to meet anytime, the sooner the better.