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Bio Ralph Lopez has returned to his native roots here in Santa Fe, after living and working in Austin, Texas since 1984. During the years in Austin he dedicated himself primarily to the nonprofit world where he learned the importance of sharing hope, faith, trust, and the expressed goal of reaching consensus in communication. “From this background I willingly offer my vision to nurturing the success of artists and nonprofits – whatever their medium may be, in their quest to inspire and transform. From The RainHouse – an indigenous nation’s sustainable education forum, to The Rites of Passage – the first AIDS specific home health care agency in central Texas - “I have gained valuable insight in community. This model of community thrives from within, one that mirrors empathy and respect. As a result of these endeavors, I earned a Master’s degree in Human Services, and a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration at St. Edward’s University in Austin. Moving back to Santa Fe I complete the circle of giving back what was given to me from the City of Faith. “