Company Barker Realty LLC
Bio Ian Lockwood was born and raised in a small New Jersey town, not far from New York City. He has since lived and worked in several major markets across the U.S. such as New Jersey, New York, Washington, D.C., and Denver, Colorado. For a period of time Ian also lived and worked in China. He now resides in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife. Before transitioning to real estate Ian spent seven years as a strength & conditioning coach training athletes for their competitive seasons. Ian has worked with athletes from nearly every sport including professional athletes, Olympians, NCAA Champions, and All-Americans. Working simultaneously with dozens of different athletes required Ian's consistent organizational skills, long-term planning abilities, and his appreciation of unique individual needs. Much of Ian's work in athletics included data analysis and tracking performance trends over months and years to evaluate long-term physical development. As a result, Ian is highly versed in using technology to crunch numbers and discover great value. In real estate, he regularly applies this same skill set when working with clients. As a product of the northeast, Ian prides himself on being punctual, reliable, thorough, and most importantly, honest in all that he does. Ian finds great excitement in helping out-of-town clients and long-time residents discover everything that Santa Fe has to offer. When not working at Barker Realty Ian can be found exploring farmer's markets, hiking new trails (the higher the better), experimenting with slow-cooker recipes, and watching documentary films.