photo by Bill Stengel; all rights reserved

At August’s MIXed Media event at CCA, we asked attendees to weigh in and tell us about their favorite neighborhoods in Santa Fe. And, of course, since we are RE:MIKE all the time, we also asked for ideas of how to make the St. Michael’s Drive corridor your new favorite neighborhood.
Nearly every hood in town received a shout-out in this month’s survey: Agua Fria, Bellamah, Baca, Canyon Road, Casa Solana, Second Street—somebody loves you.
But the top three neighborhoods were break-away winners:

1. The South Capitol District
2. The Railyard
3. Downtown

So what do these neighborhoods have? In the case of S. Capitol: trees and greenery; diverse and pretty architecture; walkability and bikeability to downtown.
As for the downtown and the Railyard: They have galleries, culture, nightlife, restaurants, parks, shopping and, yes, walkability and bikeability.

And all three neighborhoods were noted for their slower traffic patterns.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, the ideas for improving St. Mike’s focused on a combination of the factors already mentioned. People wanted to see massive visual improvements, more green and public spaces, along with parks, benches, walkways, better and more bike paths and “lots of trees.” At the same time, many of the suggestions included cultural improvements, such as cafes, more music, more restaurants and fewer large commercial spaces.

To continue contributing ideas about St. Mike’s Drive as we get closer to the RE:MIKE festival, head on over to Viva Santa Fe and weigh in.

Below, please find other results from the August survey. Thanks to attendees who braved the rain, and be sure to check out the rest of Bill Stengel’s photos. We’ll see you Sept. 20 at Molly’s!

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