MIX presents Game the System

And shape the city you want to live in

Level 1- Engage | Explore | Unlock
Engage and Explore the immersive multiplayer world of Santa Fe–sometimes mysteriously referred to as “the community.” Infiltrate the system, become an agent of change and complete challenges to Unlock cash, gear and totally dope prizes from Santa Fe businesses and services.


Level 2 – Invent | Innovate | Implement
Invent a project or Innovate a solution that will help shape Santa Fe into the city you want to live in. Race against the clock to gain funding, access to public and private resources to Implement your project.

Selected projects will be activated through a support and design team of community influencers specially recruited for each project; plus, assistance in project planning and execution, connections to resources, and funding of up to $3000.

How Does it Work?
Projects selected on a first-come, best-idea basis.
Engage and Explore – Complete one or more of the following tasks and prove it with a photo of you posted to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #mixsantafe AND @mixsantafe or, if you not the social media type, email to mix@mixsantafe.com. Photo documentation is required for every task–photographic talent and creativity above and beyond the call of duty or inspiring of significant social media commentary is extremely likely to unlock bonus rewards.

Be one of the first five to complete any task = unlock a prize!
Complete two or more tasks = unlock additional prizes and LEVEL UP!

Certain tasks may unlock secret levels or bonus rounds! (this would be a way to operate on the fly to create a carrot for someone to engage further, even if it’s not necessarily in project form)

  1. Attend a City Council or other public meeting AND either:
    •  voice your opinion as a petition from the floor or in a public hearing
    •  write a brief narrative (150-300 words) on an issue and why it matters to you. include what’s currently going on and what you think should happen.
  2. Ride public transportation AND either:
    • Bring a friend
    • Write about the experience (25 to 75 words)
  3. Go to a live show
  4. Volunteer
  5. Shop at a local business, ask the boss what the best thing and worst thing is about Santa Fe. Take good notes and post or email (minimum 75) words summarizing the answers.
Made by MIX | February 19th 2015

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