If you thought you were safe from the end of times until 2012, you’ve been victimized by the mainstream media Hollywood military-entertainment complex. The Zombie ApocaMIX is happening NOW!

Fortunately, as an alternative to a lonesome and painful demise at the hands of hordes of aggressive undead, we’ve arranged for you to spend the evening in an authentic movie production studio where the most dangerous thing you’ll face is the prospect of DJ Sattva coaxing you into your own personal, kind-of-sexy zombie twitch as he tweaks the doomsday turntables in favor of your shaking ass.

Further proof that you have avoided zombi-fication will be evidenced by delicious, wholesome, largely local grub generously provided by the Zombie, er, Zia Diner–international delectables delivered straight to your unadulterated devouring device.

As if that weren’t enough, you’ll notice that top shelf beverages delivered courtesy of Frank O’Mahoney of Evolve Real Estate will hit you where it counts rather than leaking out of inconvenient holes in your decomposing flesh.

Of course, you’ll get a good look at what (un)life would have been like for you if you’d been bitten by screening the MADE by MIX film My So-Called Apocalypse, created by Julia Goldberg, Andy Primm and Eliot Fisher through a MIX micro grant.

Get to The Screen at SFU by 5:45 to guarantee a seat for the big screen premiere of the the 30 minute film–or check it out on smaller monitors and projections during the event.

What do we want from you in exchange for saving your life? Only your best suggestions for smartphone applications to be developed as the next MADE by MIX challenge. In May, we’ll be offering up unbelievably FAT prize money for the best apps envisioned in response to our challenge. But first, we’ll need you to tell us what you want in a Santa Fe app!

This MIX event is made possible by the Santa Fe University of Art & Design, Zia Diner, Evolve Real Estate, Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce, City of Santa Fe Economic Development, HEXAGANO, DJ Sattva, The Santa Fe Reporter, Julia Goldberg, Andy Primm & Eliot Fisher, The Screen and, most important, all of you.

Yes, this is a PRIVATE PARTY, but you are invited! It’s true–there’s a big, bold world of engaged professionals in Santa Fe looking to meet new partners, employees, employers, collaborators, etc–none of them are zombies yet and MIX is the best place to find them.

After entering the university campus, look for signs to The Screen and then watch for signals that people are having a damn good time.