Tape up your eyelids for a visual blitz at this month’s visMIX!

In the green-screened, movie scene backdrop of SFUAD’s Studio C MIX offers a sneak preview of the always awesome Outdoor Vision Fest: mind-bending video projection, racy art films, student exhibitions and more stimulus than you can think before you blink.

Audio accompaniment will be layed down live by Ross Hamlin’s SFUAD JAZZ ENSEMBLE so as to ensure some jive in your vibe will while you belly up for spirits ‘n’ suds from COWGIRL BBQ.

As always, if you fill out a quick survey at the door, or ahead of time online (http://bit.ly/170xZsR), and one of our sassy sponsors will buy your first drink. This month, drinks are once again courtesy of rockin’ Santa Fe medtech startup XPRESS.

DR. FIELD GOODS, everybody’s favorite melt-in-your-mouth foodtruck, will be bringing high quality kitchen competence straight from its new bricks and mortar restaurant (2860 Cerrillos Road) and flushing out farm-fresh food fetish fabulousness.

Finally, applications for bizMIX, our 2013 business plan competition, will be open and if you want to corner any MIX coordinators for additional details, you’ll be able to use free electric collar zappers to do so. Once stunned into submission, we are very cooperative.

This MIX, just like every MIX, is a a private party and YOU and YOUR Guests are invited. This month’s MIXart courtesy of Vanessa Wilde. Documentation will be provided by Amanda Tyler: please pose for the camera and don’t forget to tag folks when the images emerge on Facebook.

More about Outdoor Vision Fest: https://www.facebook.com/OutdoorVisionFest

More about Cowgirl BBQ: https://www.facebook.com/cowgirlbbq

More about Xpress: http://pharmaconnectxpress.com/

More about Dr. Field Goods: http://drfieldgoods.com/

More about bizMIX: https://mixsantafe.com/bizmix/