Congratulations to all survivors of the apocalypse! It’s not just a new year—it’s a new era–and MIX is more maniacal than ever.

Big machinations and majestic moments are in store for this year and it all kicks off with February’s 2013 debut.

Tastee MIX goes down at the swank-and-a-half new digs of the Santa Fe Culinary Academy!

SFCA is Santa Fe’s bonafide, kick-ass academy for gearing up the next generation of inventive, innovative, illustrious chefs. Come and check it out UPSTAIRS in the Plaza Mercado building in downtown Santa Fe.

Head chef/instructors Rocky Durham and Tanya Story will be lovingly, masterfully, wanna-take-a-class-with-me, turning out a Roll Around the World rendition of wrapped, rolled and tubular food stuffs—think everything delectable from sushi to burritos and back again. For FREE.

The boisterous, ebullient, and generally badass Blue Corn Brewery will be hooking up brews, beers and brotherly concoctions for all comers—remember: If you stop at the door to fill out our survey or let us know that you’ve knocked it down online ( ), we’ll buy your first bevy…every time. That’s a lot like FREE.*

DJ Flobug will be dishing up a devilish dervish of damnably delicious, danceable, downbeat, declamatory-yet-decrescendo-while-still-crackling-‘n‘-butt-swinging audible action…all with amenably audacious aural amuse bouches served up between courses.

Giveaways and raffles will not be above the ethics of the evening—and you know you wanna take some FREE (or at least discounted) classes at SFCA!

Plus +++ Find out what’s in store for 2013 by telling us how you want it to be and, more seriously—start yer engines fer MIXstarting yer biz with our 2013 business plan competition and get ready to work with us to break all the rules in pursuit of the ideal music venue/favorite haunt.

We’ll be reminding you of what we collectively rocked last year and what’s to come in the near, not-so-dark-actually-kinda-kick-ass, future!

The slate of venues lined up to host MIX this year is pretty much astonishing and satisfyingly demonstrative how the times, because of y’all—they are a changin’–Santa Fe is on it’s way and it’s all due to YOU!

PS: Shepard Fairey is in town to kick down a new mural at SFUAD. Will he show up at MIX to marv up masticators with a magic marker? Hey, it could happen.

As always, MIX is a private party but YOU and YOURS are invited. Don’t be shy, feel free to be sly, and bring your A-game because this is all about all of us succeeding in Santa Fe.

*That’s actually 100% free. But it’s also while supplies last, suckas!