LOUNGE-TASTIC! is the term for this month’s MIX host, MOLLY’S KITCHEN and LOUNGE. The place has got serious old school vibes and new hotspot panache in Central Santa Fe on the Saint Michael’s Corridor.

MOLLY’S will be kicking down Mexican mouthfuls for hungry MIXers and, thanks to an anonymous RE:MIKE sponsor, stirring up some randy RE:MIKEaritas–available at no charge in exchange for filling out the fast survey at the door or at MIXSantaFe.com.

DJ SECT & THE INFEKTOR will RE:PRESENT with sonic shenanig

ans and tight, tile-shaking tempo.

(After you MIX, you can SHAKE at the Rouge Cat after party. Mention “RE:MIKE” at the door and get $2 off the cover.)

Plus, you’ll get an optic-popping sneak preview of what’s in store for the whole weekend:

RE:MIXable is the unofficial kickoff the RE:MIKE Urban Prototyping Festival (remikeable.com) and the ongoing effort to imagine the Saint Michael’s Corridor as a creative, innovative epicenter for local businesses, new nightlife possibilities and everything else we can shoehorn into a better, bolder Santa Fe!

All ages are welcome. RE:MIKEaritas will be given out ’til they run out. As always, MIX is a private party but YOU and YOURS are invited.