Get your motor runnin’, head out on the highway…you know the drill. And you know you’re going to find adventure and whatever comes your way at this month’s MotoMIX. Especially because this will be a simulMIX with a sister soirée in Oaxaca, Mexico.

In the City Different, Santa Fe Harley-Davidson is hosting, mosting, coasting and hawg roasting this swanky southside alternative transportation hoedown. Join us for an indoor/outdoor extravaganza that includes…

1. a maniacal motorcycle selfie booth
2. a madcap electric racing motorcycle piloted by a mystical man named Murrae
3. the motion-making ride simulator
4. the physics defying ride academy demo that allows you to play Twister with a motorcycle
5. raffles, prizes, behind-the-scenes-tours and evil clowns!

Meanwhile, DJ Angelo Harmsworth will be busting masterful moves to motivate your music muscles.

Dr. Field Goods Butcher Shop and Bakery will be belting out the v-twin vittles to showcase the excellent new extension to its edible empire. So get ready to have your taste buds tampered with.

New Mexico Hard Cider will be customizing cool summer concoctions to grease your social wheels and peel the week off ya. As always, checking a couple boxes on our survey will earn you a beverage on the house.

Members of the two-wheeled tribe who prefer to go motorless and pile on the power via pedals can check in with awesome antics from Mellow Velo. And Santa Fe Trails, your beloved city bus system is going to bring a WHOLE BUS, hand out public transportation swag and drag race motorcycles with a full-sized people hauler!*

Get ready to be transported through time and space as you dig the live video feed of the Oaxaca event and grab a moment to introduce yourself via video chat to your Oaxacan…peer/friend/employee/boss/lover/collaborator/doppelgänger—who knows? That’s right, you can TALK to OAXACA! All we know is it’s gonna be slightly awkward in the most awesome possible way.

This month’s photography by the legendary Victor Macias
This month’s design by the infamous David Grey

Everybody is encouraged show up on sleds, charge in on cherry choppers, race over on rat bikes, bounce through on bobbers or parade past on penny farthings, but if you must cage it, you’ll find plenty of parking in this northeast corner of Santa Fe Place Mall that old timers still refer to as “Toys R Us.”

*Hey, it could happen.

MotoMIX Survey Results

How do you actually get from place to place the majority of the time?

What's the desired form of transportation for you to use the majority of the time?

Bike | 31.8%
Walk | 20.5%
Car | 18.2%
Motorcycle | 11.4%
Scooter | 9.1%
Bus | 4.5%
Uber | 2.3%
Ride share | 2.3%
Skateboard | 0%
Taxi | 0%
Other | 0%

I'd ride the bus if

Which alternative form of transportaion will you use the most this year?

Bicycle power, FTW! | 37.5%
Can’t beat my own feet | 30%
Motorcycle / Scooter | 12.5%
The Railrunner | 10%
Bus system | 5%
Skateboard | 2.5%
Other | 2.5%

How can Santa Fe benefit from a relationship with Oaxaca City, Mexico?

What would you contribute to a relationship between Santa Fe and Oaxaca?

I’d need to know more about this madcap scheme | 55.6%
My enthusiasm | 27.8%
I can offer resources other than housing (food, transportation, entertainment, etc) | 8.3%
My discerning expertise | 5.6%
I would host a visiting Oaxacan | 2.8%
I would like to help fund exchange between the two cities | 0%

Why do you come to MIX?

How many MIX events have you attended?

How did you hear about this event?

What is your gender?

  • 38.5% of mixers thought Male
  • 61.5% of mixers thought Female
  • 0% of mixers thought Other

Tell us your age bracket--it helps us!