Why Kickstart when you can MIXstart? And benefit projects and businesses in your own community?

Not to mention potato salad vs your backyard!

Crowdfunding is cool, but just like other things that you MIGHT be able to do online, doing it face to face is a lot better.

In partnership with Coronado Ventures Forum, MIX has rumbled up a rash of radical ideas and you get to choose which ones are worth rubbing a couple coins together for.

Check out planet earth’s first live crowdfunding event! As always, MIX is 100% free to attend, but please do consider slipping $25 bucks into your pocket in case you find a project with proactively projecting into positive cash flow.

The Gerald Peters Gallery has opened its galleries and its swanky outdoor space for you to soak up some summer while you sample free foodstuffs from the legendary Rio Chama.

Grab a margarita from Maria’s—courtesy of Coronado Ventures Forum—so long as you fill out our survey at the door (on in advance online at https://mixsantafe.com/survey/) and move on the the Draft Station-hosted bar for your beverage balancing ballet. Specialty Blue Corn Brewery beers will be on tap.

You’ll be entertained by DJ Sapphire and dazzled by a live crowdsourcing competition board courtesy of New Mexico Mainstreet and Constellation Home Electronics.

Put on your mini-venture capitalist hat and peruse projects for crowdfunding at your leisure. You can also scope projects at here and share your favorites with your friends, enemies and frenemies.

Bonus Points! For those inclined to arrive shortly before 6 pm, you can sneak into the Coronado Ventures Forum quarterly meeting presentation with keynote speaker Jonathan Sandlund – founder and editor of the crowd cafe.

Win an Extra Life! Those inclined to “like” Gerald Peters Gallery or “follow” the gallery on Twitter during the event will be entered into a chance to win a piece of art and/or a $100 gift certificate for any of the restaurants in the Santa Fe Dining group.

Special thanks to Lacey Adams for design and Foxroad Studios for esoteric but important considerations.

As always, MIX is a private event, but YOU and YOURS are invited! Complimentary drinks and food are while supplies last. Bring your ID. Bring your ID. Bring your ID.

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print ad | 3.7%

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