Get ready to MIXpress yerself at this month’s mightly MIXspression event! This is gonna be a gigantic June jam held at the frighteningly fine Form & Concept gallery just across from Santa Fe’s rambunctious Railyard.

The Virtual Object exhibition–curated in conjunction with collaborators, Currents New Media and its kickass festival just across the way–will bend your brain and supercharge your senses…
…which you’ll need for the fracas to get to the front of the line to try some free food from the fabulous new JAMBO CAFE foodtruck.

All the while, DJ Celeste Worl will work you into a state of wonder while Rinse Design riffs on the rewards we reap when we deal in dynamite design.

Santa Fe Spirits will be slinging sumptuous and sophisticated cocktails and, as always, your first drink is on the house when you fill out our sassy survey (

As if that weren’t enough to pony up your posse, big, bold MIX-style BINGO will be bombing out tix to Jean Cocteau, SITE Santa Fe membership and Form & Concept discounts along with the ever present opportunity for spiritual enlightenment.

This month’s photography Aleta Burchyski Ward
This month’s design Naomi Gibbons

MIXspression Survey Results

How do you connect with or find local businesses?

Other, please specify




Newspaper ads

Social media



Cross promotion

Yelp, local cross-promotion

the New Mexican paper


What do you want to see more of in Santa Fe's festival circuit?

Live Music | 24.3%
Food! Food! Food! | 19.7%
New and emerging artists | 16.4%
Interactive art | 12.8%
Dranks | 12%
Low riders | 6.4%
other | 4.6%
Burning Puppets | 3.8%

My summer cash goes to...

I learn about summer time fun activities from...

As a result of a MIX event, I...

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87501 | 45%
87505 | 28.6%
87507 | 10%
87506 | 6.4%
87508 | 4.3%
Other | 4.3%
87504 | 1.4%