Get ready for the Rumble in the Railyard during this steely-eyed MIXoff between this year’s #bizMIX competition.

We hope you like it rough, ’cause ain’t no punches gonna be pulled when these 15 titanic young companies converge on Railyard Fitness to earn bragging rights in this predatory pitch contest.

You…get to check out these classy fitness digs while DJ Celeste Worl whips out the wonder.

You…will nosh on absolutely free apps providing by Boxcar, the Railyard’s latest bar + restaurant and wash it all down with perfect mid-month Micheladas courtesy of Nuevo Cerveza

Your…first beverage will cost you bupkis if you take the time to fill out our quick survey at the door or online at

You…will be the judge of your crowd favorite out of 15 fabulous new businesses vying for massive amounts of money, marketing and mentorship and give your favorite idea an edge heading into the final judging this August.

Not to mention, you’ll be dusting off the detritus of your day, and dialoguing with other smart Santa Feans who are in the business of making it happen.

And you’ll get the skinny on how to add some serious zest to this year’s The Official Burning of Zozobra

Burly BizMIX projection by Bill Mitchell
Design by Laura San Roman
Photography by Rob Mesa

MIXoff Survey Results

What sort of MIX connections are you looking for?

Cultural | 25.8%
Outdoorsy/Active | 22.6%
Collaborators and mentors | 16.1%
Employers or employees | 12.9%
Community activists | 9.7%
Other | 9.7%
Romantic/love/squishy stuff | 3.2%
Volunteers | 0%

Of the issues MIX has addressed what remains most pressing for you today?

As a result of a MIX event, I...

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