MIXless March
MIX won’t be hosting an event on the third Thursday of this March for a very good reason. We’re going to join the community in celebrating the opening of Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return (https://meowwolf.com/). Our core mission is about talent attraction, talent retention and entrepreneurial development and the Meow Wolf project is an achievement worth celebrating on all three counts!

Scores of artists from around the country have come to Santa Fe to work onthe project.

The project employees a significant number of longtime local Santa Feans as well and is actively creating opportunities going forward.

It’s an innovative business model for arts and creativity-centered businesses and will be closely watch on the national stage.

The project has created space for MAKE Santa Fe (https://makesantafe.org/) and other great resources for Santa Feans.

We’re super proud of the core team at Meow Wolf, (https://meowwolf.com/) and all of the artists, creatives, inventors, builders, tradespeople, city staff and community members who have worked so hard to make this happen!

So MIX is going to be celebrating at the VIP opening in full support of this exciting new venue and creative business model.