FINAL MIX of 2011!!!

Misdirection is the classic magician’s art of appearing to do one thing while actually doing another, like making a dove disappear while everyone is watching a puff of magic powder.

Apply that to MIX and it looks like we’re having a party while actually creating strong networking bonds and grass-roots economic stimulus. It looks like this is the last event of 2011, but it’s really the beginning of big plans for 2012.

Welcome to MIXdirection!

Venue courtesy of EGGMAN & WALRUS, currently featuring the work of John Barker

Amazing free and hearty noodle bowls courtesy of THE BEESTRO (, Santa Fe’s smokin’ new lunch delivery service, operating inside the Paseo Loop.

Bar courtesy of ROUGE CAT

Live improvisational rhythms courtesy of F.O.C (drummer Mikey Chavez and turntablist Matthew C-T)

We’ll be displaying a bit of a MIXtrospective of our own so you can see what’s happened over the past year and who’s been involved (maybe, including YOU). Remember, MIX gave away more than $10,000 in cash and awards to local entrepreneurs in 2011 and things are going to be bigger and bolder in 2012, Mayan Apocalypse be damned.

In order to nab your free drink, we’ll ask you to fill in these blanks:

I expect a great city center to be [blank] to offer [blank], and be able to [blank] while I’m there. You can fill them out in advance at (link below event description)

Thanks to Santa Fe Reporter, The Onion,, Hutton Broadcasting, Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce and everybody who MIXes!

This is a private party (must be 21 with valid ID) and YOU are INVITED.