This Thursday, we’re going to turn Pacheco Park into a GIANT MUD PIT!!!

The crew from Undisputed Fitness plans to rumble in the wet stuff for your viewing pleasure. We know you wanna peek at that.

Meanwhile, DJ Dirt Girl lays down the appropriately dark and gritty tracks.

BrewCo* will be on hand to provide FREE suds in the mud and samples of their latest handiwork.

The Youthworks food cart will be rolling mobile fatties! (probably in the form of free burritos or something, but still).

Pacheco Park design businesses will be open for exploration and will be offering a pedestrian poker run with hundreds of millions of dollars** going to the ultimate victor!

Plus, there’s always the potential for monster truck races, mind-blowing interactive internet technology and good old-fashioned art, design, tech and everything else networking.

*That’s Santa Fe Brewing Co y’all.

**dollars may or may not be substituted with theoretical ounces of pure glory.