This month MIX Hits a Wall. It’s the last event of 2016, the year we discovered that David Bowie had, in fact, been holding the fabric of the universe together. It’s going to be big.

Because the best way to work out the frustratingly frantic new unknown is get physical, so hit a wall with us at the stunning new Santa Fe Climbing Center where you can actually climb the walls like your crazed mind has been trying to do.

DJ Shatter will appropriately advance your auditory agility while photographer Raymond Mocho captures you in your new scrambling habitat.

Restaurante El Salvadoreño will be serving up the always free food and reminding you that, if there is but one incredibly compelling reason to remember that immigrants make the country stronger, it’s your tastebuds. Well, that and your new pupuseria ponsa.

Those crazy cocktail commandos from Jean Cocteau will––under the wing of the man who warned us all that winter was coming––warm the cockles of your hardened hearts with confounding concoctions. As always, answer a few questions about the topic du mois, either as you enter or ahead of time at our website ( and your first drink comes courtesy of event sponsor YellCast.

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