Tiny’s is in full bloom right now, which is why the legendary bar and eatery is the perfect joint for spring fling with MIX. How many of you have caught quality karaoke again and again without even noticing the killer patio with the chuffed cherry tree?

This month’s mini maker MIX is a marvelous menagerie of making, featuring a pop-up demonstration by MAKE Santa Fe and additional mystery maker guests. Check out feats of 3D printing derring do, lustrous laser cutting, and remarkable CNC routing. Watch the machines in action, tell the MAKE Santa Fe crew what you want in a Santa Fe makerspace and be entered to win a LulzBot Mini 3D printer.

DJ Flo Bug will make mashed up melodies merge with your mind while you mingle and muse with other madcap mofos. Heart & Soul Dance Company will demonstrate how to make your muscles move to the music.

The Tiny’s kitchen will be churning out FREE chile rellenos smothered with top shelf green chile and making totally tasty taquitos to tempt and tickle your tastebuds.

If you’re still charged for something to chomp on, Kuma Coffee, Chocolate and Juice will be product-testing some chocolate treats.

We’re teaming up with the New Mexico Brewers Guild, state breweries, and local distributors to remind you that the Outside Bike & Brew Festival is coming up next month and to serve some sumptuous suds, made right here in New Mexico–as always the first one’s free to anyone who fills out our survey.

What’s better than locally made bikes and locally made beers? If you know, and you made it here, bring it with you! Zac Hyde will be featuring his ink on canvas explorations of pattern, form and poise–whatchougot?

The full bar will be available as well, natch, beneath the southwest’s largest collection of themed decanters.

Don’t forget that April 16th at midnight marks the deadline for entering your brilliant business idea into this year’s bizMIX start-up competition.

Design by Callan Ramirez

Photography by Micaela Butts

Mini Maker MIX Survey Results

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What's most important to me in a restaurant is...

Affordablity | 14.8%
Quality of food | 14.8%
Creativity of dishes | 11.5%
Atmosphere / Individuality | 11.5%
Local ownership | 11.5%
Customer service / friendly staff | 11.5%
Local food sourcing | 6.6%
Serving dinner past 9 pm | 6.6%
Comfortable seating and tables | 6.6%
Organic food sourcing | 4.9%
Other | 0%

What's most important to me in a bar is...

Good cocktails | 15.1%
Vibe and atmosphere | 11.3%
Friendly bartenders and bouncers | 11.3%
Happy hour and drink specials | 11.3%
Comfortable seating and tables | 11.3%
Local beers and spirits | 9.4%
Affordablity | 7.5%
Live music | 7.5%
Also serving food | 7.5%
No cover charge | 1.9%
Smokin' dance floor | 1.9%
Sense of security | 1.9%
Aura of pure dive | 1.9%
Other | 0%

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